Dragonfly’s Mandarin Immersion programs offer experience based, interactive learning that combines the practical use and study of Chinese and educational travel within China.

Our focus is on developing communication skills, building speaker confidence, and the ability to use Mandarin in real-life settings. Students also develop a much deeper appreciation of the culture, history and life today wherever they go.

In Yangshuo they can explore local culture and traditions, including cooking the celebrated beer fish, cormorant fishing, and fan painting.

Chengdu’s giant pandas, spicy food, and awe-inspiring scenery show a unique side of China. Xi’an, China’s ancient capital, is home the mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang containing the world famous and awe-inspiring 2000-year-old terracotta soldiers.

Finally, it’s on to Beijing where history comes to life with the majestic Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Lama Temple, Bell and Drum Towers, and Jingshan Park. Learning in the great capital wouldn’t be complete without a journey out of town to trek along original sections of The Great Wall.

In addition to the programs listed, all of our Outdoor Education and Service Learning programs in China can be tailored to include a focus on Mandarin Immersion.


When your students need a real boost to their classroom learning, our Mandarin Immersion programs can give them the input they need.

The overall curriculum incorporates the same aims and objectives in our Outdoor Education programs, with a special emphasis on language development and cultural awareness.

With year-round programs lasting between 5 and 28 days, situational and experienced-based learning is the main approach to give students opportunities to improve their language skills as they travel in China.

Our instructors are highly qualified in out-of-the classroom teaching and learning. They not only possess excellent teaching skills and local knowledge, but also years of experience that includes group and safety management, first aid, and reflection techniques.

We cover all language abilities from elementary to advanced and can deliver any course, including reflection sessions, completely in Mandarin. Alternatively, programs with a partial Mandarin focus are popular, complemented by outdoor and service learning.

As a result students can attain the highest possible learning outcomes in their development of Mandarin, their cultural awareness, and their personal growth.