Frequently Asked Questions

Our instructors come from an international background with a wide range of outdoor certifications issued by internationally recognized associations. Dragonfly conducts comprehensive in-house training on a regular basis for all instructors as well as activity-specific training and refresher courses.

All Learn With Dragonfly instructors possess first aid certifications and have passed the Sexual Conviction Record Check conducted by the Hong Kong police.

Prior to any course, Dragonfly leaders run a risk assessment of the locations that includes terrain, weather, considerations unique to the site, and emergency protocols.

In addition, Dragonfly ensures all participants wear appropriate safety equipment (e.g. helmets, floatation devices and climbing harnesses) during activities. Participants are also monitored for good health and hydration throughout course.

For programs held in Sai Kung, Dragonfly picks up and drops off participants at the entrance of Sai Kung Tang Shiu Kin Sports Ground (西貢鄧肇堅運動場). The meet-up and dismissal times are 9:00 am and 4:00 pm respectively.

For programs held in Mui Wo, Dragonfly picks up and drops off participants at Central Ferry Pier No.6 (to Mui Wo) at 8:30 am and 4:40 pm respectively. Participants can opt to meet up with the group at Mui Wo Ferry Pier at 9:15 am and depart from there at 4:00 pm.

Once participants have completed registration with Dragonfly, they will receive an information pack via email titled “Information Pack for Outdoor Adventure Camp” containing a packing list which sets out what personal items they need to bring for the program, such as appropriate clothes and shoes.

For programs taking place in Mui Wo, participants also need to bring money or an Octopus card to pay for the ferry ride from Central Pier to Mui Wo and back. This applies only to programs in Mui Wo.

All safety equipment necessary for outdoor activities will be provided by Dragonfly.


All participants should prepare their own packed lunch. Participants’ lunches must be nut-free and seafood-free. Please pack food that does not require refrigeration. It must be kept in an air-tight container with a secure lid to avoid leaks and spilling. Besides lunchtime, participants will also have time for a snack break in the morning and in the afternoon. Please be sure to pack enough snacks for the day.

For all activities, Dragonfly has developed plans to adhere to government requirements related to the spacing of participants. Presently, the Hong Kong authorities allow groups of 4 in public areas, but larger groups can be allowable as long as proper spacing of participants occurs.

Our staffing allows us a consistent ratio of 1 instructor for every 8 participants. Within these groups of 8, our instructors will implement spacing to ensure that no more than 4 participants are together at any one time. It is quite manageable for our staff to work effectively with two independent groups of 4 participants given the nature of our outdoor activities, and the large outdoor spaces in which we conduct our programs.

In addition, participants will be reminded they must maintain adequate distancing throughout the day as they participate in activities.

A typical day of camp begins with a meeting at Sai Kung town center or Central Ferry Pier at 8:30 am (students living on Lantau Island may meet their groups at Mui Wo Ferry Pier at 9:15 am).

The participants will board transportation to their activity locations. After reaching their respective sites, participants will begin the day’s activities. Around 12:00 pm (give or take depending on the location and the activity) the group will take a lunch break, followed by more activities in the afternoon. At around 3:00 pm, students will have time to clean up or get changed and prepare to depart. They will then have a debrief of the day and board their transportation for the pick-up point at 4:00 pm.

No. Dragonfly does not allow this to happen due to operational and liability issues.

To enrol a sibling/friend into our Outdoor Adventure Camp, the original participant needs to cancel his/her registration from the course(s) officially. The new participant needs to then file an application and complete the registration and payment procedures.

We define severe weather as Red Rainstorm Warning or above and Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 3 or above as issued by the Observatory of Hong Kong.

If severe weather warning is hoisted at the scheduled start of the program, the course will be delayed until the warning is lifted. Learn With Dragonfly will reschedule the program as appropriate.

Protecting participants’ privacy has always been a priority of Learn With Dragonfly. We will never give or sell participant’s personal particulars to a third party. Any images of participants taken during the program will be used for our own marketing purposes only.