Our Team

Established in 2002, Dragonfly is a leading provider of outdoor education and experiential learning in China and throughout Asia.

Will Huetinck - Executive Director

Will Huetinck has led Dragonfly for over 10 years, providing leadership that has moved the organization from start-up to industry leader. He has over 20 years of experience teaching, living and working in Asia. Making learning interactive and fun has always been a priority, and it has been within Dragonfly that he brought together his expertise in education and the outdoors. Today these values are emphasized through a commitment to learning and innovation.

Adilah Syed Ali - Director of Programs

Adilah is now in her 12th year of working in the outdoor education industry. She started out as an instructor in her native Malaysia, leading groups on one week trekking and sea kayaking courses. From there, she took up the role of Planning Coordinator, responsible for overall management of 100 instructors. Adilah found her way to Dragonfly in 2009, and has steadily taken on a greater role, beginning with program development in Malaysia to overseeing program delivery and quality today. 

Mike Thomas - Director of Learning

Mike is now in his 16th year of working in outdoor education. During this time he has worked in the UK, across Europe and in the Middle East. This has included work with corporations, universities and international schools. As our Director of Learning, Mike is leading the way in our drive for accreditation, and focus on social and emotional learning. Previously, Mike represented his country in the 800 and 1500 meter run, and competed for Great Britain in mixed martial arts. Today, he enjoys cycling and climbing.

Daniel Thomassin - Client Liaison and Marketing

Daniel joined Dragonfly in 2011. He has a diverse background, with a degree in Political Science, time volunteering in Uganda, and being an experienced rugby coach. His past experience organising youth expeditions is what drew him to Dragonfly. Since joining Dragonfly he has been a program coordinator and headed development in service learning before settling down into his current client liaison and marketing roles. 

Jonathan Chan - Client Liaison

Jonathan has been a member of Dragonfly since early 2010. Starting out as a program logistician, he gained an excellent understanding of our programs. Since then he has worked as an activity leader and later in the office, where he successfully juggled many roles, transitioning this year to client liaison. Outside of work, he is a proud father of twin boys, coaches YMCA basketball, and is a scout and LNT trainer. He holds a Master’s in Social Science in Social Work from City U. 

Yuki Ng - Client Liaison

Yuki is a new member to Dragonfly. She graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a degree in Sociology. She used to be a member of outdoor activities groups in university and has been on various voluntary programs in Hong Kong and China. Yuki is currently a member of our client liaison team. She enjoys hiking and backpacking.